Nepal is renowned for its natural beauty and Himalayan landscape which runs across the north and western provinces with the rich subtropical forests in the east. It boasts eight of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest.

Nepal’s cultural landscape is equally diverse. It is the birthplace of Buddha and the land of Shiva. There are a host of ethnic groups, languages and religious beliefs that create a fascinating mix of Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism and other traditional religions. This results in a bewildering array of festivals for which the Nepali people have a particular flair. You would have every chance to participate in an array of these ancient festivals.

The Nepalese are an utter joy to be amongst. The reputation of the Gurkha soldiers and Sherpa climbers goes before them. They display an independence of mind and mental toughness; a reflection of their arduous and mountainous land. As a volunteer, you would be made very welcome.


Good times to visit Nepal are in the autumn when it’s cool and clear – September to early December, Spring is March – May and is also a good time – it’s warmer, but with showers. The monsoon, when it’s hot and wet is June to September.

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