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The trustees have set up and organised  a wealth of international volunteer projects. They have now combined their skills to   focus  on the Great Green Ribbon Project in Palestine.

This is an immensely exciting new initiative with the first tree planting due to begin in November 2022. Your hosts will be directly involved and  will be fresh, enthusiastic, excited and do all they can to support you.  They will take maximum advantage of your skills, your energy and your enthusiasm.

Our objectives are to benefit our host communities and make a positive contribution to climate change, biodiversity, food sovereignty and cultural understanding.


Our charges are transparent and we simply aim to cover the costs of sending a volunteer overseas.

We encourage an esprit de corps amongst our volunteers. Individuals normally enjoy sharing ideas, challenges and the joys of bringing a project to fruition. The summary of costs below assumes that volunteers will live together in shared rooms, normally with a host family, sometimes in a comfortable guesthouse. Alternative arrangements can often be made if you let us know in good time and are willing to pay the additional costs.

In addition to these costs volunteers will need a flight, personal spending money and travel insurance. We can recommend an excellent insurance provider.

Departure Details 

To keep costs down and to encourage a sense of team work we have set departure dates.  Volunteers commit themselves for different lengths of time and often travel after their projects. Return dates are therefore flexible.

Upon receipt of your contact form we will arrange a time to talk with you about the project. Prior to departure all volunteers will be asked to attend a briefing. This will be with both our UK and Palestine coordinators. 

The Palestinian project’s departure will be on the 1st March 2023.

Contact Details

For further information please contact:

Bartlett’s Farm, Somerset, TA11 6PF


Telephone: 01305 889410

Mobile: 07967 175 164

Dick Corbett Winder Trustee


Rosie Duke Trustee


James Chapman Founder and Trustee