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The trustees have set up and organised  a wealth of international volunteer projects. They have now combined their skills to focus on a range of bespoke art projects.  GapArt are a small charity, administered from the founders farmhouse near Glastonbury in rural Somerset.

There are so many Gap and Career Break companies that pour volunteers into projects until they are either inundated or become dependent upon them.  Our projects are constantly changing. Once the art project is completed we move on and find another that needs volunteer support. You are therefore likely to be amongst the first volunteers to work on an initiative.

This means that there will be unexpected challenges. It also means that your hosts will be fresh, enthusiastic, excited and do all they can to support you.  They will take maximum advantage of your skills, your energy and your enthusiasm.

Our objectives are to benefit our host communities and also to enhance the skills and cultural understandings of our volunteers.

Please contact us so we can explain how it all works.

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For further information please contact:

Bartlett’s Farm, Somerset, TA11 6PF


Telephone: 01305 889410

Mobile: 07967 175 164


Dick Corbett Winder Trustee


Rosie Duke Trustee


James Chapman Founder and Trustee


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